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Monday, August 25, 2014

Minimalist to Glam Makeup for College | Back to School

In college you can wear bright blue lipstick and no one would really care. I don't know if that's you're style, but, here are 4 makeup looks that would be easy to pull off. These range from absolutely minimalist to full glam!

I like to keep my makeup very simple for school, why? Because it takes way less time than doing a full smokey eye, winged liner and the works. I liked to take the extra time to catch a few ZZZs after a night of doing labs, assignments and whatever else popped up. 

Here was my typical look for school (especially in final year), very minimal and sometimes with no lip colour at all.

Some days I would try a bit harder and do a subtle day time smokey eye, like here.

Other times, a sleek winged liner along with some golds, because you can never go wrong with gold eyeshadow right? Try something like this when you have some more time on your hands, like an afternoon class perhaps? 

Of course, when you go to college fetes/ parties you definitely want to add more as I did here with this green smokey eye.

Can you see a bit of a pattern here? I obviously love berry pink lips.
Apologies that I didn't get the chance to do a brand new makeup tutorial, it's just been a challenging weekend, since I've been feeling under the weather. At least I'm feeling much better now!


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