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Monday, August 18, 2014

College Relationship advice (from a guy) | Back to School

Hey all! We're lucky to have Tyrell guest writing for this post. It's always nice to hear relationship advice from a guy's point of view.
College is the place where your life will definitely start to feel much more real. In your final year, and even more so in your final semester, if your life doesn’t have direction, and you don’t know what is next for you, then you probably might find yourself in an early mid-life crisis. There are many ways to gain direction; for example, some people are born with it, some have to discover it, some people have to fight for it and some people just don’t believe enough. I hope none of you awesome readers are the latter. Direction in college is essential in college, as touched on when deciding a major. I know from experience that without it you can fall short of excellence. It’s important to have goals just like everyone else, but how do we reach them? That is what direction is. However don’t get discouraged just yet because falling in love in college and a solid college relationship can also give you some form of direction.

College is not like high school or secondary school because you don’t have parents to make your decisions for you or taking care of you. Some of you are going to be running a home of your own for the first time, which allows you to be a bit liberal but also teaches you responsibility and discipline. It’s very much the same for college relationships. No one is going to tell you what time to get home or who you can have over. You just have to be responsible for the sake of your own future. In high school, you were too young for marriage and children probably even sex. However in college, you will start thinking about these things a bit more and it will not be like high school, where some of you were afraid to even think about these more serious issues.

While being in college relationship, thinking about the life you want with that special someone can give you a sense of direction. It could be thoughts of marriage and starting a family with that person or even living with them forever that gives you your direction. If you love someone and you want a future with them, your smart college people now of course you want to have a good life with them, so a good career can only help your chances. It may seem cheesy and a bit like a fairy tale but, a good solid relationship with an ambitious romantic partner can really bring your life together in more ways than one.

College relationships can be challenging with guys who will be losing a fight with their ego and girls who are too curious. In college, guys are usually going to be at the peak of their game because they will be young, strong, mature, and full of energy, creativity and into all the right things. Everything wrong will feel right to them, including having a multitude of women wanting them. To guys, I say you must rise above temptation because guys can be considered easy too! Being easy goes both ways if you give it up to just any girl any time it doesn't make you just “the man”, it makes you “the man any girl can get if she wanted.” The true challenge of proving your manhood is loyalty to your female and to your friends. It’s easier to do what is wrong than it is to do what is right but, you will be respected much more for it. Just remember that there are things guys cannot get back once they are gone. 

Girls, you have a body that is still developing magnificently and are going to grow curious about trying a lot of different things. It is okay to be curious because getting out of your comfort zone can really help you figure out who you are and what you want to be. However, it is not okay to hurt those who love you in the process, mindful and remember what is important.

When I was accepted into my uni, I was single and my current girlfriend, your lovely blog owner, Christina was taken. There was a matriculation ceremony where the inductee class of 2010 was introduced to our guild executive, the heads of departments and our chancellors. During a short lecture welcoming us to uni, the principal said “here is where you will probably meet your best friend, your worst enemy and the love of your life.” I took those words to heart believing that I would find my soul-mate there. Meanwhile Christina (also attending the same ceremony) remembered those words but ignored them thinking she was already with her soul-mate. 

We had no idea we would have ended up here together now, and it is amazing how things can turn out, so try to keep an open mind. There are many things you will encounter that are different to what we have experienced but, I wish you guys all the best and I hope my story helps you stay optimistic.


  1. Great article, i always love to read from a guy's point of view. All the best with your studies and relationship.


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