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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday to the CGJ!

Last week Friday (26th September) my blog turned 4 years old! YAY!! *throws confetti* 

Honestly, I remembered everyday until to Friday where I was just way too busy and exhausted to post. You could say I subconsciously celebrated the blogaversary by going out to a new bar with a group of good friends. But I want to celebrate with you guys too!

September was a month of many celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries, new job, it was a very busy month, especially the final days of it.

I'm very happy that I've been able to keep up this blog for such a long time. Any of you who also blog know how challenging it can be to always have new, interesting content. Please don't mind if I pat myself on the back.

Thank you to all of you who visit, comment or share my blog with others! It really does help with the motivation aspect of writing. For the persons behind the scenes (my bf, and closest friends) who also give my fabulous ideas for posts, thank you!

I will be having a link-up for those of you who love beauty as much as, or even more than me. So please check back tomorrow for it! Join, check out the other blogs, or request to co-host :). Also I will soon be doing bi-monthly newsletters, so please look out for those in November.

October is my birth month, and since my blogaversary just passed, keep checking for a 2 giveaways this month!

Thank you all for the support!


Hi beauties! Thank you for dropping by! Feel free to leave me a comment and you can mention your blog for me to check out. I'll try to get to them all!

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