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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief | Review

Christmas was very good to me. I was able to snag a bunch of skin care minis from Clinique to try out, all while buying gifts. Score! You probably already know I’m always in search of a light-weight yet moisturising moisturiser for my normal skin type. I used to think I had dry skin and so I thought the richer the better, but turns out my face doesn’t agree, especially when you throw Barbados’ heat into the mix.

Clinique Moisture Surge is a line which intends to plump up dry to normal skin with all the moisture possible. The extended thirst relief is to be used as a daily moisturiser and for me, this mini lasted about 2 months consistent use (A.M. & P.M). Not bad at all. You only need a very small amount since this gel-based moisturiser is very concentrated.

Despite being rich, it is definitely more light-weight than the Ponds daily face moisturiser which to me feels more like pound cake, while the Clinique is a sponge cake, in comparison. The Ponds face moisturiser causes me a lot of heartache with clogged pores, especially on my nose and chin. Whereas I noticed a reduction in the amount of whiteheads I was getting while using the Moisture surge.

This light peach cream-gel is something special, and I would rate this even higher than the Garnier Refreshing Gel-cream or Clinique’s own DDMG. This absorbs so quickly into my skin, it feels like my pores are drinking it. It leaves a semi-matte finish to the skin and works great under foundation or BB cream. Even on hot days in Barbados, it doesn’t leave you looking so oily that you could fry chicken. Yet retains moisture very well in air conditioning. Did I also mention this is oil-free?
I’ve not noticed any other special properties with it, which is understandable since it is only intended to moisturise. So make sure that you still use your sunscreen and if you have active breakouts, use your regular topical along with this cream. For sure, your acne won’t be as flaky.

The only thing that really stops me when it comes to this moisturiser is… the price. It is such a doozy! 50mL/ 1.7 oz of product is $38.50USD, while 75mL/2.5 oz is a whopping $52USD. In Cave Shepherd (Barbados), the price of the smaller jar is almost $90BDS. Definitely knocks the wind out of your sails! At least it is larger than the sample… but still, goodness.


  • Easily absorbed
  • Light-weight gel formula
  • Leaves a semi-matte finish on skin
  • Works great under other face products. (works well when layering skincare & makeup)
  • Oil-free
  • Retains moisture all day long
  • Does not leave your skin feeling or looking oily
  • Very concentrated so a little goes a long way

  • Expensive!

The Raw Sugar:

This moisturiser would easily attain holy grail status because it is amazing, But that price tag, for little me is a bit much. Maybe if I had a lot more money to play around with every month, I would totally buy it. But until then, the search is on again for a more affordable dupe.

Where to purchase: Cave Shepherd/ Duty-Free Caribbean, Clinique counters, Sephora, Clinique.com

Disclaimer: This product was purchased with my money. Opinions are my own.

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