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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Relaxer day & Hair colour change | Relaxed Hair update #11

Hey all! It's been a microwave minute since I last did a hair update. I'm such a bad beauty blogger. Anywho, this weekend I not only relaxed my hair, but I switched up my colour and did a thorough assessment of my problem areas, my thin ends.

Now a little background on my hair. I naturally have very fine strands, which are rather coily/ kinky. My natural texture seemed to be a mix of 4b (top) and 4c (crown to nape). I experience major shrinkage especially at the back due to the very kinky texture. I started using the Vitals Olive Oil No-lye relaxer kit to self-relax in December (2014). In the video, I show you the kind of texture I achieve with this relaxer. It's definitely not bone straight like I would have been into a few years ago, but I like it. This relaxer leaves my hair feeling really smooth and silky.
For Old Years/ New year, I dyed my hair using the Revlon ColorSilk in Medium Golden Brown, and I also highlighted using Clairol Kaleidocolors Neutral toner + bleach and 20 volume developer.

Fast forwarding to now, I've realised I have been way to lax about doing deep treatments for someone who has permanently dyed and bleached hair. On top of that, I noticed a fair amount of shedding around April, as well as breakage particularly around the back of my head.

So I've decided I need to take more drastic measures to take care of and grow my hair. As you could already tell by the video, I changed the colour using a more gentle (and conditioning) "long-lasting" hair colour by Sparks (Purple Passion).
Why you may ask?
1. Usually darker colours give the look of more healthy hair, plus it should coat my hair and help to prevent further damage from the atmosphere. *crosses fingers*
2. I've always wanted to have purple hair. (at least this vibrant)

In using the Sparks dye which contained protein, I mixed in 1 part Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Conditioner and 1 part Queen Helene Cholesterol hair conditioning creme for lots of moisture ad well as to dilute the dye somewhat. After allowing the dye to saturate my strands for a bit over an hour, I rinsed with cool water, then shampooed with the ORS HAIRepair Invigorating Shampoo which is sulfate-free. Following the rinse, I did a deep treatment with the ApHogee 2-step protein treatment and balancing moisturiser.

I finished up by moisturing and sealing, then allowing my hair to air-dry 75%. I then blow-dried and flat-ironed using the L'Oreal Sleek it Iron Straight Heat spray. I also did a little trim after I took the photos, hence the more blunt ends in my Instagram photos and the one below.

From here on in, I plan to treat my hair weekly, if not bi-monthly with either a moisture or protein treatment. I was thinking about doing them in alternating fashion, but it all depends on how my hair responds.
If you have any protein treatments that work wonders in your hair, please let me know about them!

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