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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Return to blogging... (with photos)

Hey all! I've missed you all so much. It's definitely been too long since I last blogged, the only reason that I could give you is that life happened. And it was/is hectic.

So around the end of August, I somehow spilled water on my laptop *hides in shame* and had the time of my life to get back my computer from Customs/ my mail forwarder. I didn't get it back until... October, although it was repaired a lot earlier than that. Lesson learnt, people do not always have your best intentions at heart, sadly.

I probably said in a video that I'm still teaching, but not having my laptop which I had prepared a number of things on for this term, meant that I had to work a bit harder than I intended at the start of the term. Thank goodness for Google Drive and the OneDrive though. Even if you don't own a word processor, they have pretty good ones. Also have I mentioned how cool it is that Google allows you to sign into your Chrome and see your tabs from anywhere, even saves the bookmarks across platforms? Well that definitely helped.

Somehow I thought the term would drag along slowly, but instead it went along so swiftly that we're just about 2 weeks before the end. I barely have had time to catch my breath. If I've not been busy marking, or putting together more work for classes, I've been sleeping. Legit, just coming home and sitting down to do something, and within the next few minutes I'm asleep. I tried staying up to at least watch a few YouTube videos (since I can't edit at the moment) or even a show on Netflix, but instead they end up watching me. I'm turning into a 50-year old, haha.

My drive to make a video is there, but my room is ... messy at the moment (read: I ain't got the energy or patience to put everything in a perfect place right now, though I'd like to). I really  did just want to talk to yall. Say I'm still alive and making it.

Oh! And I have to make mention to my new hobby, Aerial Silks! I've been trying to stay fit with this really fun experience. (I'm not one who likes the idea of just a gym workout.) If you follow my Instagram you would have seen some of my posts on it.

Anyhow, here are a couple of pics to hold you over until I can make it back to YouTube fully.

Makeup I did for my first rave. I wasn't quite sure what was the best for a rave. Then to find out anything goes, haha.
Short-lived Amanda the African Daisy
Birthday week! Installed some twisted braids by myself.
Cake cake cake cake cake cake...
Wrapped handstand moves. Still working on them.

Let me know what other posts and videos you'd like to see!

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