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About Me

Hi! I'm Christina, a  Bajan gal with an ever-expanding interest in beauty. I am also a recent Chemistry graduate searching for my ideal job. My close friends like to call me the "Beauty Guru", but I'm by no means an expert. Despite I live on an island, don't let thoughts of coconuts and wooden canoes throw you off. We're very sophisticated people with a range of interests and ideas.

The Chrisamor Goodie Jar was birthed from my varied hobbies. I'm not a master of public speaking, but blogging has made it a whole lot easier to express myself. I love to review, haul and just chat about beauty. Lover a good bargain, I detest wasting money on things that I don't need. If there's something less expensive that does the trick, why not use it? And I love to tell others, so they know too! The funny thing about beauty blogging is that you feel like you need products from every new release, so you really have to be mindful!

Apart from the makeup bit, I have a romance with Chemistry. Most people who have ever done science at any point in their lives, even elementary level, really really dislike Science, especially Chemistry, but there's just something about it that makes my insides wobbly and I feel excited to talk about it, especially when it understand it. I also enjoy research and read plenty, so if I hear of something new, there's a big chance I'll find out all I can about it. I'm the same way with my purchases, usually I look them up or check for reviews before buying, which is actually very useful because it save you a ton of money.

I truly enjoy when it's Crop Over in Barbados because all the new Soca and Calypso comes out. Some of the songs are really laughable so that's always fun to listen to. I also like Pop, always puts me in a good mood and energises me. R&B, Soul...even some of the oldies. I definitely like Broadway music, especially since Glee, I love how they make everything so glamorous!

I am a past connoisseur of Asian Dramas with favourites like "It Started With A Kiss" (my all time fave), "Full House", "Autumn's Concerto" and "I'm Sorry, I Love You". Really I haven't gotten around to watching them more recently, but I am still a huge fan of them! Similarly, I love TV. I'm so happy that I have free time to actually watch it now. Once the show has a good story line or is funny, I'dwatch it happily. I love Gossip Girl, HellCats, GLEE, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, My Name Is Earl. I'm currently into Devious Maids, Drop Dead Diva and Dance Academy.

Admittedly, I'm a YouTube addict. I have been on YouTube since 2006, watched it morph into what it is today, and although some changes aren't always for the best I still enjoy it, especially for the content. I enjoy the diversity, because I can't just watch beauty videos hahaha. I remember some of my first subscriptions were Pursebuzz, xSparkage, AllThatGlitters21 and panacea81, they've been on YouTube for what seems like forever.
Hope you do enjoy my blog, I'd love your feed back and comments, because it helps me to improve!

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